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How many times have you scrambled to find that bill of your microwave when the service engineer asked for it?

Do you remember when you purchased the ceiling fan?

Or renewed that Annual Maintenance Contract you had for your washing machine?

Was it an extended warranty you got for your smart phone?

What if you could keep it all in one place and retrieve it at a tap!?

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What can you do with SCAMPII?


A LOT! SCAMPII is just what you’ve been looking for — simple, easy to use and made with you in mind. A real time App packed with a plethora of options for you to manage the service contract and warranties of your everyday appliances, devices, and what-not. You'd be surprised with the number of things you use that actually have warranties and service contracts. Like the helmet you bought for your sister or the spare C-type charger for your mobile phone, both come with a 6-month warranty!




Track and manage warranties of all purchases in one place. Items at home, at your business, at your parents or grandparents place.

You can add a product from our curated list OR add any other product you don't find in our list. Go ahead create that inventory of things you have at home! Photos of the bills will remain with you always. No worries about not finding bills or worse,  finding faded bills! 


All happens in simple easy steps....


Status Check!


Easiest thing was to buy that phone! Now how do you keep track of the expiry dates of the factory warranty, the extended warranty (the salesman managed to sell you) AND the 6-month screen insurance you got!


With SCAMPII, all in one place and in one view! 


A quick status check will help you buy a new service contract, AMC or extended what you had in good time.


Share with ease!


Share with family, friends and colleagues. Share relevant items you have added with your partner / flatmate / children / parents or colleagues / managers. Also, see and organise what others have shared with you.


Tag locations to your things


Add your own locations and give them your own unique name. Tag items that you add to these locations. Create locations for yourself (maybe your apt no CeeTwo) and different one for your parents (Amma's).


Add all items on your phone and share with your parents devices and appliances they use at their house. It is so easy to be the good child your parents taught you to be, so simple!

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