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Moorthy's Law or Murphy's Law?

We are always looking to make life simpler or make it more organised. We want to free up our time to do more fulfilling things! We spend time rummaging through the internet looking for new gadgets or new machines that can help us multi-task and make our lives easier!  One would think owning the latest gadgets and machines would make our lives simpler and we can be our productive best. But we have all learnt from our experiences that despite all the research we did and the promises made by the companies or simply Moorthy’s law (hey wait! Who’s Moorthy? It’s Murphy’s Law, I ask who’s Murphy?? ) something goes kaput.  Experience has taught us to be prepared for such glitches and bumps on our road to being content owners of such commodities. We are aware that these products have a warranty or have some service contract like annual maintenance (AMC) and so we are covered (for sometime at least!).  So how much do we know about a Warranty or the AMC? What does it cover - breakage? Maintenance visits by the engineer? Battery servicing? Water damage? There actually is so much offered in a Warranty or AMC but nothing helpful when our gadgets are not functioning anymore. This is mostly because we don’t know what is covered, we don't read the warranty card let alone track these things. Once something is bought, the papers or booklet that comes with it is forgotten ….. till something breaks and we scramble to find that bill or warranty card!  H (in the middle of a web meeting): “Honey, it’s in that drawer!” W (annoyed, because she had to leave her web meeting to deal with the service engineer and hold the curious doggo back with the other hand): “I already checked in that drawer” H: “Not that drawer, the other one” W: “I checked ALL” SE: “madam, trust me, that item is not covered under the warranty….. now, cash or online payment?” Life can be simpler, Moorthy's Law or otherwise, track your bill and warranty with SCAMPII. Know what is covered - the zipper on your 100% waterproof rain jacket or the belt in your washing machine!  Interesting thing to note is that, while researching for SCAMPII, I found out that as per consumer rights (in India), a manufacturer has to support an electronic item for a certain number of years after purchase. Mind you support is different from warranty, they have to repair the item if you are able to produce proof that it’s within the defined period. I have removed the time period value, as there is varied opinion on the actual duration of this! Keep that bill safe with SCAMPII and retrieve it easy, share it easily!

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