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SCAMPII Origins!

Ever since our marriage my wife and I have been through 2 washing machines and on our third one! Each time we were sold an extended warranty. The pitch was either made by a savvy store clerk or the service engineer who came home to install the machine. The selling point would be, “Saar, this is directly from the company!” And I was like wow, take my money! I mean why not? We just bought something that cost an arm and a leg, and should anything go wrong, we’d want to be able to get it repaired free of cost! At least that was the sentiment at that time, so for what seemed like a nominal amount, we always opted for the extended warranty.   

It was all good, till a time came when we had a problem and had to claim the warranty. Now you’d think that since you purchased the warranty from the company and the company sent the invoice, they would have the record of the warranty. Not quite so, the service engineer asks you for proof of purchase! Dang! There begins the pain of rummaging through that big fat file where we have dumped all the bills and warranties. If you are lucky and find the bill, then the engineer wants a photo of it on whatsapp before he makes the visit! 

We all are ‘somewhat’ organised, we have that one drawer at home, or that shoe box, or that plastic folder - which is the proverbial blackhole into which all the bills go and are conveniently forgotten. They get consumed by age, or silverfish and more recently thermal printouts which fade away into oblivion! How can we afford to forget that the motor in the washing machine has a 10-year warranty? Or that the water heater comes with a 5-year warranty? Or what you purchased a preventive maintenance contract on the fridge, and the service engineer was to visit every 4 months?

We don’t live with our parents, so every now and then I have to help my dad with his gadgets - from set up to the service. To remember to renew the water filter AMC, to remember to call the  A/C technician to come for a service visit, uff, it is an effort to keep all the things that make our life easy in working condition! 

That being said, it is now easier to understand when we say SCAMPII is created out of necessity! SCAMPII took form from the experiences of Us v/s Warranties. Here is the app we refer to as #warrantykeeper and #TrackEasy has features like tracking all your warranties, service contracts and much more in one app.

Principles I follow in life include making informed choices of the appliances and devices I buy, making my appliance or device (read as my hard earned money) go the mile, repair and reuse and ensuring my rights as a consumer are secure. With SCAMPII this is now possible for our household, yours and many more! 

To know more:

To download SCAMPII:

PS: What is SCAMPII you ask? It’s an acronym for Service Contract & Agreements Management Program Index … with an extra i for superstition, we figured lots of famous people changed their name by adding an extra vowel, so we should also get started on the right i, I mean foot! SCAMPI is also a type of shrimp, fits right into our company name - School of Fish!

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