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Sharing is caring OR Caring and sharing?

In India, we are one big, happy (mostly) family, wherever we are! There always is a friend or a family member who we can count on to help out with odd jobs in our absence. Helping a friend’s parents with their Wifi, or a neighbour who needs their #Firestick setup or opening a neighbour’s door when a repair guy turns up because you have the keys. One face of India - caring.

A couple of years ago a friend who lives abroad asked us to replace some gadgets in her mother’s house. We sent the friend scanned copies of all the bills and warranties (we were on top of this sort of paperwork even then!). A few months back we got a call from her saying the refrigerator had stopped working and her mother called the number stuck to the side. The service engineer promptly showed but he was asking her a whole bunch of questions and wanted to see the bill. Our friend could not find the bill, but it was one of the bills we had used while testing SCAMPII so we #WhatsApp’d her mom the bill right away.

How many times has this happened?

* Service engineer’s head is behind the TV and you are still searching for your bill? OR

* The bill is filed away safely in your home and the engineer is at your parents place!?

* You have a bunch of bills, same gadget for different locations - your office, your partner’s office, your siblings’ house, your parent’s house. Which one belongs to which lcation?

Some of us enjoy shopping for others, some of us don’t mind helping out a elderly neighbour set up an appliance, some of us are militant about replacing our parents faulty pump ….. we care. It is possible to ensure that the caring is long term and not that one time effort. On the SCAMPII app - create a location “Mr. M’s or Mom’s ….” and add their bills and share it with them. We all know that repairs and services are an inevitable part of the life cycle of a gadget or appliance and with SCAMPII location feature, those you have helped will now have their bills and warranty on their phones in the most frustrating times of dealing with a broken gadget!

So how does the location feature work?

To get started in SCAMPII, take a photo of the invoice, select or enter the item details, create a location (need to do this only once), and call it whatever you want, Mr. M’s or Bakery or Office or MiCasa or Chinna Veedu (or not!). Next step is to share the item with Mr. M, your mum, your manager at the Bakery or Office or your spouse, and they will get a notification about the new entry on their app. You #TrackEasy and now they can too!

There is a saying that while sharing is caring, it reduces your burden and increases your happiness…. We would say it increases your peace of mind! Go on! Get those brownie points - parents / neighbour / friend !

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