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Warranty - everything you wanted to know but were shy to ask!

Our household likes to think of itself as environmentally conscious. (Hey! What is the environment doing in a tech blog?!!). We do our research, we check the product life cycle, the energy efficiency and then we invest more if we have to. Of all the R’s, we follow the REPAIR and REUSE principles the most. So it is no surprise that we do look a bit more closely at the little booklet that comes with any gadget we buy, be it a cycle pump or a borewell motor. While only some parts are covered under warranty, all parts have to be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer for at least 7 years after purchase [citation needed].

Most of us are vaguely aware of what a warranty means and that it exists for a limited window of time, but there is much more to a warranty! So, let’s talk about warranties!

What is a warranty?

Warranty: noun - a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time. In simple words, the manufacturer will repair (or in some cases replace) your item free of charge, within a time period from the date of purchase.

What is a warranty period?

It changes DRAMATICALLY! From 3 months to 10 years. For example, the accessories you get with your Smartphone, have a warranty period of 3 months, the phone itself may have a warranty of 1 year. The washing machine has a warranty of 2 years, the motor has a warranty of 10 years! Keep that bill safe!

What does a warranty usually cover?

A warranty can cover a lot or very little. It’s all in the fine print which the manufacturer provides, either in a printed form with the product OR on the website. Different products can cover different things, so remember the warranty is contextual, even if the products are made by the same manufacturer.


*Usually will not cover

Washing Machines

Mixer Grinder

How do I prove I have a warranty?

The proof of purchase is your only proof. No proof of purchase, no warranty. Keep that bill safe, and easy to locate. SCAMPII does that for you!

Warranty terms and conditions

The warranty Ts & Cs are in the fine print which we never read! Especially the exclusions. For example, most warranty policies have a clause that says the warranty is NOT TRANSFERABLE, meaning it is applicable for the first/ original purchaser. If you have purchased a used item on , there is a good chance that the company may not honor the warranty if they get to know that you are not the original purchaser.

Breakage/ damage, improper use, improper installation/ movement are some of the exclusions. For example if you end up using a different detergent than the manufacturer recommended one, they may turn the warranty down.

Some parts like plastic/ rubber items may not be covered. Example, the rubber which seals the door in a front load washing machine will not be covered. Even if the rubber melted because of a fault with the machine!

Warranty can change depending on where you bought it. When you buy a heavily discounted item online, the warranty maybe different than when you buy the same item in a store - always check.

The warranty could change based on which country you bought it from. If you’ve bought an electronic gadget in the US, the warranty for that item is not valid outside. Check if the product has a global warranty.

Where do I look for warranty on my gadget?

The warranty card/ booklet should have all the information, and gory details of the warranty. Otherwise, most companies put them up on the website, but it’s never easy or clear to get the information.

In SCAMPII, this is how you can track your warranty / this is how you see it. …..

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